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Best Massage Tables for Professionals

A massage table is used by massage therapists to properly position a client for a massage. A conventional table has a heavily padded surface that is easy to clean, with a face cradle to allow clients to breathe with ease while lying face down.

Another type of massage table is a customized massage table with changeable armrest positions, an adjustable head section, and a powered center section.

Massage tables can be categorized as electric, portable, and stationary, dependent on their intended use. Some accessories that may be used include draping sheets, additional padding, and specialty heated pads.

Massage tables have various benefits other than for massage purposes. For instance, they can be used by beauty therapists, physiotherapists, reiki practitioners, doctors, and osteopaths.

Listed below are some of the best massage tables available at ScripHessco.

  • EarthLite Infinity Portable Massage Table Package
  • Master Massage Equipment Laguna Stationary Massage Table Package
  • Custom Craftworks Classic Series Majestic Lift Back Electric Table
  • Master Massage Equipment 31” Montclair Salon Therma- Top Portable Massage Table Package

Read on to find out more about the features and benefits of these tables, as well as general information about massage tables.

Best Massage Tables Offered by ScripHessco

Top 4 of the Best Massage Tables Offered by ScripHessco

Best Portable - EarthLite Infinity Portable Massage Table Package

If you are looking for one of the best portable tables, the EarthLite infinity should be your go-to. The EarthLite Infinity gives the ultimate client access. The revolutionary infinity hoop construction utilizes a shaped 10-layer laminated frame. This creates sweeping rounded corners to soften both the table's look and the impact on you, the therapist.

The package includes an infinity portable massage table, a flex-rest platform with strata face pillow, and a professional carry case. Some of its notable features include super-strong full Reiki endplates, shiatsu release cables, jointed round corners, and a pro-plush deluxe three-layer 3-inch cushioning system. It also comes with a five-year warranty and offers upgrade options such as low-height range options and an extended leg option. You can purchase it here.

Best Stationary - Master Massage Equipment Laguna Stationary Massage Table Package

The Laguna stationary massage table package is perfect for day spas, private practitioners, and resorts. It is water and oil resistant, featuring a double-thick deck beneath the foam, providing maximum support. It has a 2.5-inch thick cushion of multi-layer small cell foam, which provides extra comfort. The PU upholstery has a five-year warranty. It also has a heavy-duty open storage shelf to store accessories such as linen and towels conveniently. The package includes a Laguna stationary massage table, a six-way adjustable ErgonomicDream face cradle, a memory foam face pillow, and a contoured armrest shelf. The Laguna is one of the best stationary massage tables. You can get it here.

Best Electric Lift - Custom Craftworks Classic Series Majestic Lift Back Electric Table

The majestic is a choice of many salons and spas. It is one of the best electric lift massage tables. It features a robust and stable design with a clean and modern look. The base has generous knee and legroom allowance. It smoothly adjusts up to 12 inches high. It has a 3-inch deluxe wrap foam system. You can easily position your clients for leverage and easy access with a tap of the toe. The package includes a majestic tilt liftback table with a power lift back, dual-action face rest, crescent pillow, and standard single foot pedal. You can purchase it by clicking here.

Best Heated - Master Massage Equipment 31” Montclair Salon Therma- Top Portable Massage Table Package

Master's patented EMR safe Therma-top heated massage table provides clients pleasing warmth during their massage therapy sessions. It is one of the best-heated massage tables. It also saves you the extra money you would need to spend for a separate warming pad. The Master's Montclair salon Therma-top pro portable massage table is 31 inches wide. It comes with a 3-inch thick cushion of a multi-layer small cell foam, including a generous layer of memory foam. Salon-style optional lift backrest allows for an expanded number of treatments like waxing and facials. The package includes a Montclair salon Therma-top massage table, an ergonomic adjustable face cradle, a memory foam face pillow, a matching neck bolster, detachable armrests, contoured armrest shelf, and a four-pocket carrying case. You can get this massage table here.

Qualities to Look for in a Massage Table

Some of the qualities or features to look out for when choosing a massage table include the table's purpose, weight, height, width, padding, frame material, accessories, table upholstery, and warranty. Below is a brief description of each of the features.

  • Purpose: Before you buy a massage table, you should define its purpose or, rather, its intended use. Is it for reiki, spa services, facials, massage therapy, or physical therapy? Different tables are meant for different services. Something else to consider is the location of your services. Do your clients come to you, or do you go to them? Is it a side business or a full-time business? These are the different questions to consider before making a purchase.

  • Weight: When buying a massage table, consider the table's weight if you plan on making house calls to your clients. They usually weigh between 22 and 46 pounds. If your clients are coming to you, you do not have to worry about weight. Picking an aluminum table over a wooden table would be the best. Always go for a table that's light. Although with massage tables, the lighter it is, the more expensive it costs. Think of it this way: if your client lives on the very top floor of a building with no elevator, you will have to carry the table up. Lifting all that weight will start causing you strain. So it's better to invest in a lighter massage table. Also, check the table's working weight, factor in the client's weight, and your weight. These figures will be applied to the table at specific points while you work on your clients.

  • Height: Most massage tables' heights can be adjusted. They range from 23-33 inches high. The recommended table height is one that reaches your hips. Adjusting a massage table should take a maximum of three minutes. Some of the available adjustment methods are telescopic adjustments, mostly used on aluminum massage tables. However, they can also be found on wooden tables. Twist knobs are also found on wooden tables. It can either be a single or double twist knob. However, using two knobs to adjust the height takes longer compared to using one.

  • Width: The standard width for portable massage tables is 28 inches. Your table width determines your clients comfortability. If your clients cannot properly fit on the table, they will not be comfortable during the massage session. If your table is narrower than 28 inches, you may mount winged armrests to help extend your table's width. Massage tables can also be wider than 28 inches, although these tend to be heavier. Only go for this if your clientele base includes elderly and large people. Your height also determines what kind of massage table width you should go for, or rather, a table that would be appropriate for you. Go for a 29 inches or less if you are shorter than 5'4", 29-31 inches table for anyone who is 5'4" to 5'10", and 31-33 inches if you're 5'10" and above.

  • Padding: How supportive and comfortable it feels to lie on the massage table is dependent on the padding. The padding's thickness determines its quality. A quality massage table's padding should be at least two inches thick. However, choose padding that is three inches thick to have the most comfortable table. Some of the available paddings on the market are a low-density foam, a high-density foam, and a small cell foam. Avoid getting a low-density foam as it wears out easily and will be very uncomfortable for your clients. On the other hand, the high-density foam does not wear or tear easily and will maintain its original form after being in use for a while. The small cell foam is a better version of high-density foam. It returns to its original form despite the number of times it is in use and provides more stability. Its higher part offers comfort, while its lower part provides stability.

  • Frame Material: Massage table frames are made from wood or aluminum. Wooden massage tables are durable, stable, and look appealing. They can support up to 450 pounds in weight. Aluminum is lighter, but it is also strong. Go for the high-end aluminum frames and not the cheap ones.

  • Accessories: Some of the massage accessories you may want to look out for are a removable face rest, armrests, slings, and bolsters. These are mostly for positioning ankles and knees. These accessories are used to make a massage extra comfortable.

  • Table Upholstery: PU leather and PVC vinyl leather are the materials that are commonly used for table upholstery by manufacturers. PU leather is strong, feels good against the skin, is soft to touch, and a good replacement for natural leather. It is oil and water-resistant. Make sure to clean after every massage session. PVC vinyl leather is thick, resilient, looks good, is durable, and is oil and waterproof. The material requires low maintenance. However, upholstery should not necessarily be an essential basis when looking at features for your massage table. This is because the leather will be covered anyway when in use. Instead, invest in more essential accessories like protective coverings and sheets.

  • Warranty: Before making a purchase, ensure you ask the manufacturer if there is a warranty or not. Although most manufacturers do offer a warranty, some do not. Always ask if one is offered. The warranty for your massage table should at least have a one-year warranty for the frame. The ideal frame warranty should be between one to five years. It could also be longer than five years, which would be a plus. The warranty rarely covers the upholstery and deck, so check and see if you can find a manufacturer that gives a warranty for these parts.

Brief Overview of the Massage Table Brands Covered

ScripHessco offers a range of equipment, supplies, tools, and tables. It also has different brands you can shop from. We have covered some of the selected brands, which are the EarthLite brand, the Master Massage Equipment brand, and the Custom Craftworks brand.

Custom Craftworks

Custom Craftworks was founded in 1986. The company strives to build high-quality massage chairs and tables. The company's goal is to support educators and professional practitioners' vital work in holistic health, therapy, and massage fields.


EarthLite is the world's number one brand in spa and massage tables. It is committed to making exceptional products with eco-friendly materials and processes. It has an expansive line of stationary, portable, and electric lift massages, multipurpose treatment tables, massage accessories, massage chairs, and supplies. This makes it a one-stop store for all your massage therapy needs.

Master Massage Equipment

Massage therapists are guaranteed the best platform for their customers with Master Massage Equipment. The company offers an array of massage products and accessories.

Some of the most frequently asked questions include massage table prices, the average size of a massage table, the weight limit of a portable massage table, and how high a massage table should be. Below are some answers to these questions.

How Much Should a Massage Table Cost?

Massage table prices vary depending on different aspects, such as their uses, accessories that they come with, their designs, and the kind of features they have. The average price ranges from $100 to $500. It all depends on how much money you are willing to invest in one, based on how you would like for it to serve you best. It is advisable to get a high-quality model which will serve your purposes for a long time. It might be expensive, but buying a cheaper model will cost you more as it will only serve you for a short while. A cheaper model means you will incur more expenses trying to replace it. This applies if you are looking into providing massages full time.

What Is the Average Size of a Massage Table?

The average size of a massage table is 30-inches wide, although the available table range in the industry is 28 inches to 32 inches. The average length of most massage tables is 73 inches. This ensures that your client's legs are not hanging over the edge. If the length of your table does not cover your clients' entire body, this would be very uncomfortable for them. As mentioned earlier, the table's standard height should reach your hips to give you enough room to access your client. This height also ensures your comfort. Anything lower than this will cause strain on your back.

What Is the Weight Limit of a Portable Massage Table?

In terms of the weight a massage table can hold, most of them can hold up to 500 pounds of weight. Remember, though, that it is important to take into account the working weight. The working weight is the combination of the client's weight and your weight that will be exerted on the table while you are working on the client. You will also need to take into account the static weight. The static weight does not do much for you in terms of information. You need to focus on and factor in your client's weight and whether or not the massage table can support that weight. It would also help when you help turn your clients over during massage sessions.

When turning, clients tend to use all their fours for support. This will exert a lot of pressure on your table, and the weight will not be equally distributed. This is not good for your table. When it comes to selecting a massage table's weight, as mentioned earlier, the weight usually ranges from 22 to 46 pounds. Pick a massage table that is 30 pounds and below to prevent causing strain to your shoulders and arms. Since you will be spending a lot of time on the move, this would be the best option when making house calls.

How High Should a Massage Table Be?

The average market height for massage tables is 23 inches to 33 inches high. As aforementioned, the best height for a massage table would be one that is closer to your hip joint. This option lets you adjust the height for different kinds of clients. Getting a table with an adjustable height would probably be the best choice, primarily if you practice various types of massages. This is also beneficial as you can easily adjust the height until you find what height best works for you.

Electric massage tables will also save you from the strain of continuously having to squat all the time when you need to adjust the table. Lastly, always ensure the knobs are tightened securely once you have adjusted your massage table's height.

Ensure you get a massage table that is best suited for you and your business. Contact ScripHessco to learn more.