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Biofreeze Cryospray in conjunction with Kinesio Tape application

Biofreeze Cryospray in conjunction with Kinesio Tape application

Biofreeze Cryospray topical analgesic can be used as an effective adjunct to the Kinesio Taping Method. As stated in the Kinesio materials the primary treatment effect from Kinesio Taping is achieved through stimulation of the proprioception receptors and circulatory system involvement effectively stimulating lymph drainage and removing exudate through the capillary and venous flow.

Biofreeze Cyrospray works in tandem when applied with the Kinesio Tape application. Additionally, Biofreeze Cryospray topical analgesic is extremely beneficial for temporary pain relief allowing for more freedom of movement to increase joint range of motion. Biofreeze Cryospray also provides and enhances the cooling effect that Dr. Kase feels is very important to the healing mechanism that Kinesio Tape is providing.

Biofreeze Cryospray allows the practitioner the ability to spray around and through the tape after applying a Kinesio Tape application. Because the tape in most application is left in place for 3 to 5 days the patient can continue to spray Biofreeze Cryospray into the application approximately 3 to 4 times per day to further enhance the effects of the combined treatment protocol.


• Practitioner applies a normal tape application to the patient based on symptoms and diagnosis of condition.

• After the tape is fully adhered the practitioner sprays an application of Biofreeze Cryospray approximately 2 to 3 inches beyond the boundaries of the tape and then over the tape holding the bottle approximately 2 to 3 inches from the tape.

• Wet skin with the spray but not to the point of the spray starting to run off.

• Because Kinesio Tape is porous, this allows for penetration of Biofreeze spray through the tape.

• Instruct the patient to continue this application 3 to 4 times per day as self care at home in conjunction with leaving the application of tape in place.

Note: To further enhance the adhesive effects of the Kinesio Tape, have the patient after showering pat dry, allow some air drying and then apply the Biofreeze spray.

Use of Prossage Heat for area specific, deep tissue myofascial work
For some treatments the practitioner may want to also do a myofascial work or muscle stripping prior to the application of tape.

Prossage Heat is an excellent product providing a medium with the right consistency for this deep tissue work.

After completion of the deep tissue work any remaining Prossage heat is removed and then the tape is aplied and Biofreeze Cryospray applied as above.

Note: It is very important to make sure all Prossage heat ointment is thoroughly removed before tape application so as not to affect the adhesiveness of the Kinesio Tex Tape.

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