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Hope Micro-Max Processor

Hope Micro-Max Processor

The Micro-Max is value priced to ideally serve the moderate film developing needs of the private practice market, including medical clinics, diagnostic and chiropractic care centers as well as mobile diagnostic applications. The back-to-basics features of the Micro-Max are designed to deliver high output for its compact size. Dimensions: 38 ¼"L x 22 ¼"W x 25"H. Rapid Process Capacity: 70-14" x 17" films per hour. 195 lbs.

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• Unique low torque, no crossover hard roller transport system
• Quiet, powerful, low energy dryer easily dries film under any condition
• Dual automatic replenishment system
• May be set up at different speeds from 90-135 seconds
• Plugs into any standard wall outlet
• Cold water operation - no hot water required
• Separate drains provide for quick draining of solutions
• Light tight feed tray reduces darkroom time
• Digital display of developer and dryer temperatures
• 5 year warranty on all parts
• Includes stand and 8 gallon tanks

Konica SRX-101A

Konica SRX-101A

Autofill function: Push button and chemistry will automatically be supplied to the processor tanks for easier replacement of chemicals. Infrared dryer: For energy efficient, consistent drying of radiographs. Dimensions: 33½"L x 24"W x 17½"H. Capacity: 60-14" x 17" films per hour.

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• 90 second super rapid processing cycle
• 120 second standard processing cycle
• 180 second extended processing cycle
• Includes stand and tanks
• 1 year warranty

AFP Mini Processor

AFP Mini Processor

Comes ready to set up, complete with a sturdy base stand, 7 gallon tanks, connector hoses and starter part kits all included. Optional kit for closed loop plumbing available. Dimensions: 33"L x 22"W x 24½"H. Capacity: 90-14" x 17" films per hour.

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• Energy efficient infrared drying
• Automatic chemical replenishing
• Accepts all standard film sizes
• Built-in quality control indicators
• 1 year warranty on parts, 2 year on drive motor and recirculating pumps

Quantum High Frequency X-Ray System

Quantum High Frequency X-Ray System

A. The Quest HF Series generator integrates revolutionary design with superb functionality, designed for both digital and conventional imaging. The Quest HF Series generator operates at a near-constant potential of up to 120 kHz - the highest in the industry, which equates to greater image quality. It also translates into shorter exposure times; reducing the chance that patient motion might affect examinations.

B. Quantum’s QS-500 Series tubestand is ideal for all chiropractic environments. The tubestand is easily positioned using the dual soft-grip handles. Fingertip controls permit easy access to multi-function lock release switches, including longitudinal, vertical and angulation. The hand grip also includes an easy-to ready angulation display for accurate indication of tube rotation and LED indicators to verify the SID.

C. The CHIRO-X Vertical Wall Frame is custom designed for the chiropractic profession. This full-length frame allows for complete spinal imaging without the need for patient re-positioning, as the image receptor is easily repositioned behind the patient using Quantum’s EZ -Glide hand control.

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Standard Features:
• 32 kW/500 mA QUEST HF Radiographic Generator
• X-Ray Tube: .06/1.5mm Focal Spots with 200,000 H.U. Capacity
• Anatomical Programming
• Heavy duty cassette tray/103 Line 10:1 Ratio Grid
• QS-500 Series Tubestand
• CHIRO-X Vertical Wall Frame (QW-400)
• Manual Collimator

AFG CR30-Oracle Digital CR System

AFG CR30-Oracle Digital CR System

For the Chiropractic practice that wants to upgrade to digital imaging while keeping their existing x-ray system.

The Quantum AGFA CR Oracle is economically priced. Loaded with easy-to-use NX software features and Musica 2 software. Designed to optimize workflow and making patient care your number one priority. This great package comes complete with the software and hardware you need to go digital today. The CR30–X digitizer is a table top CR designed for increased workflow.

The practitioner can perform all their daily tasks using AGFA’s NX work list and patient data file. You can acquire the image and apply image processing automatically. Grid line suppression software is included to remove gridlines and moir’e artifacts. Fast preview of images. Practitioner can review and interpret images in full screen mode while using Pan and Zoom functions. Automatic Image processing. Automatic or manual window / level setting. Pan, Zoom, Flip/Rotate, Free text annotation, R/L Markers, image measurement tools. HIPPA Security log. DICOM print/send and store. 2- 14"x 17" and 2 – 24 cm x 30 cm Cassettes. Computer: HP 500GB x 2HD level 1 RAD PC Workstation, Keyboard, Mouse. Stores 12,000 to 15,000 Images.

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• Intel Core Duo E8400 Processor
• ATI Radeon HD 2400XT
• CD-DVD R/W Drive with Automatic Image to DVD
• Windows XP Pro SP3 OS
• 19" Barco Color Touch Screen LCD Monitor with DICOM Optimizer Software and 3 Year Warranty

Quantum Chiro-DX

Quantum Chiro-DX

Complete High Frequency X-Ray System with Direct Digital Detector

DR (Direct Radiography) is now affordable for the chiropractic professional. Quantum’s advanced technology incorporates CCD Technology (Charged Couple Device) on the wall stand for an efficient and cost effective solution. The Chiro-DX system produces images in less than six seconds without the need for cassettes.

• Versatile: Quantum can mount the image receptor on any angle depending on your room layout. Upgrade kits are also available.
• Efficient: Image preview in less than six seconds improves patient throughput
• Simple: All Chiro DX systems come with image acquisition and viewing software that enables a simplified way to view and manipulate images
• Experience: Quantum has been installing DR systems for over six years. Let our team bring you into the digital imaging arena.

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System Specifications:
• Full Frame Transfer CCD
• Full Field Detector: 17" x 17"
• Pixel Array: 9 Mega Pixels
• Pixel Pitch: 144 Microns (element pitch)
• Image Resolution: 3.4 lp/mm (NYQUIST)

TXR X-Ray Suite System #1

TXR Model SHF310 32KW X-Ray Suite High Frequency System #1 w/ Anatomical Programming

Choose the view, input the measurement and take the picture.
• 32KW/400 mA
• mA range 10 - 400
• Exposure time range 0.001 – 10 seconds
• mAs range .1 – 500 mAs
• AEC ready (AEC optional)
• Toshiba 140 KHU X-ray tube
• 100% pretested and calibrated.

TXR Model 425D 400 MA X-Ray Suite Standard Frequency System #1

• 400 mA @ 125KVP
• 5 Step mA selection
• Toshiba 140 KHU X-ray tube
• 100% Pre-Tested and calibrated
• KVP Selection 20-125 in 1 KVP increments
• All digital meters
• SCR contacts
• Solid State Rotor
• Tube Protection

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X-Ray Tube Upgrade

X-Ray tube: 0.06/1.5 mm focal spots with 200,000 H.U. capacity

Viztek Opal CR System

Viztek Opal CR System

Viztek Opal-CR is the fast and easy way to convert your facility to digital today! The easy-to-use tabletop CR can produce 56 plates per hour while offering crisp image quality. Reading images at 10 pixels/mm, the compact CR can be used in any environment, including mobile units. Viztek Opal CR is the fastest way to take existing analog imaging into the digital realm. Additionally, the CR also offers significant speed and image quality over analog image processing.

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System Features:
• Single Cassette Feed
• 4 Cassettes Included
• Opal Front-End Viewing Software
• Data Acquisition: 20 bits/pixel
• Pixel Matrix Size: 3480x4248
• 14 x 17 Cassette Size: 10 pixels/mm
• Power Requirement: 120V/60Hz
• Dimension: 27.2"L x 27.6"W x 18.2"D

Viztek Digital X-Ray Software

Viztek Digital X-Ray Software

Contains Chiropractic Specific Analysis Tools such as:

• Atlas Orthogonal Analysis
• Gonstead Measurements
• Upper Cervical Analysis
• George’s Lines
• Ilium Analysis
• Line Drawing
• Measuring
• Angles (Reqular, Cobb)
• Cervical Curve
• Lumbar Curve
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Chiropractic Specific Software
Viztek Chiropractic Spedific Software is the only software that gives the Chiropractor all of the tools they need for quick and accurate analysis. This software is included with both the Viztek Opal CR system (Opal Rad software) and the 20/20 DR direct digital solution (Spectacle software).

Viztek 20/20 DR System

Viztek 20/20 DR System

The Future of Direct Digital Imagin
The most versatile and economic direct digital solution available for the chiropractic office.

20/20 Imaging now introduces DR Technology to the Chiropractic profession! The C-DR 1417 sensor directly captures the image data and displays it on a monitor to 20 seconds or less. Replaces your existing grid cabinet with a new custom DR sensor holder cabinet. Experience the enormous clinical and business benefits of direct radiography to your chiropractic practices with the C-DR 1417. A small step in technology to deliver a giant leap in patient care.

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Features and Benefits:
• Economical CCD Technology
• Flat Panel Detector requires less space
• Eliminates darkroom film processing and associated costs (film, chemistry, film processor cleaning/maintenance, film storage)
• Customized Universal Hang-n sensor adapter
• Revolultionary designed Trans-Former™ grid cabinet

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