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    Water Pillows & Waterbase Pillows

    Our water pillows by ScripHessco, Chiroflo and Mediflow are the ultimate in luxurious comfort. Comfortable and supportive, it is easy to adjust the amount of water to achieve the desired amount of firmness. Water displacement is quiet and easily adapts to various sleeping positions.

     Chiroflow Q1 2016 Buy 6 Gt 1 Free FiberSale
     Chiroflow Q4 2015 Buy 6 Get 1 Plus Free Holiday DisplaySale
    Buy 10 Chiroflow® Waterbase Pillows Get 2 FREE (7 Fiber Filled,5 Memory Foam Gel) + Flip ChartSale
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    Chiroflow Professional Waterbase Pillow 20"X28"
    Chiroflow Travel Size Waterbase Pillow
     Chiroflow Down Alternative Waterbase Pillow
    Scrip Hessco Water Pillow #296 24"X14"
    Chiroflow Waterbase Pillow, Quilted Cover
     Logic Back® Logic Curve™ Sleeping Pillow
    Mediflow Down Plus Waterbase Pillow
    Core Deluxe Water Pillow
    Chiroflow Metal Display Rck W/6 Memory Gel Fm Plws
    Co-Labeling Program from Core Products
    Patriot Project