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      Vitamins and Minerals

      We carry a wide selection of natural vitamins and supplements for your patients. All our vitamins are healthy and safe for your patients to use. Our selection includes vitamins for energy, omega, menopause and reducing stress. We also carry foot pads, patches, display units and the LifeSTRENGTH Edge Series Bracelet.

      Biotree Pain 180 Joint Pain & Digestive Proteolytic - 90 Count
      Joint Relief Exl 2 120 Caps/Bottle
      Biotree B Complex Boost Sublingual Supplement - 90 Count
      Edom Laboratories Sleep SupportSale
      $17.19 $13.00
      Edom Laboratories Adrenal Support - 60 Vegetable CapsulesSale
      $14.89 $11.00
      Douglas Labs Ultra Preventive X, 240 Tablets
      Douglas Laboratories® Ultra Preventive® 2 Daily
      Douglas Labs Multi-Probiotic 40 Billion Cap
      Douglas Laboratories Infla-Guard
      Douglas Laboratories B Complex W/Metafolin
      Douglas Laboratories Vitamin K2
      Breakthrough Coaching
      Tax Savings