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Electric and Powered Massagers

Provide deeper treatments while giving your hands and wrists a break by using electric powered massagers from ScripHessco. The variety of sizes and types of electric massagers from G5, Jeanie Rub, Thumper and more let you tailor the massage enhancement. Various accessories for powered handheld back massagers and applicator tips add even more to the experience.

Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager- electric massager
Massager Muscle Master 2.5 Amps, 3500-2800 Rpm- electric massager
Fleece Pad Cover For Jeanie Rub Massagers- electric massager
 Thumper Maxi Pro Massager
Thumper Mini Pro 2 Massager
Medium Disposable Applicator Covers, 50/Pkg
Sft Sponge Rbr Applctr For G5 Massagers, 3.5' Dia
Large Disposable Applicator Covers, 50/Pkg
Thumper Sport Percussive Massager
Fleece Cover For Muscle Master Massager
Large Frm Rubber Applicator For G5 Massagers
Thumper Vmtx Single Sphere Massager
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