TENS Units - Portable TENS Stimulators Machines

We are proud to highlight more than 40 models of Portable TENS units at ScripHessco. Units come in a range of weights and sizes. Features include an easy-to-read display screen, easily adjustable settings to ensure the proper output, timers, portability and adjustable pulse rate and pulse width. Most TENS Machine For Sale are battery-operated.

Current Solutions InTENSity Twin Stim IIISale
$43.29 $33.99
Roscoe Medical 2Nd Generation If Combo Ii
Maxstim 2000 Digital Tens Unit - Dual Channel
Butterfly Electrode For Mini Tens/Ems 1 Each
Maxstim 1000 Analog Tens Unit - Dual Channel
Quattro™ 2.5 Professional Device
Current Solutions Tens AASale
$30.69 $26.49
Current Solutions InTENSity Select ComboSale
$99.99 $90.99
Current Solutions InTENSity IF ComboSale
$91.99 $79.99
Intelect TENS Unit With Timer
Zopec™ DT-1200 Electrotherapy system for Feet Neuropathy & Pains
2nd Generation InTENSity Select Combo
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