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    Laser Therapy Machines - Cold Laser & Light Therapy Units

    ScripHessco has developed a diverse supply of laser and light therapy equipment to provide for every needed intensity level, whether you require low-level light or a more aggressive treatment. Our selection of Apollo, Multi Rad, and LaserTouchOne implements provide safe and effective tissue restoration treatments for all patients.

    Fim Energizer
    9 Diode Probe 1040 Mw For Vectra Genisys Laser
    Chattanooga Laser Protective Eyewear
    Chatta 33 Diode Cluster Probes (Laser, Sld & Led)
    RichMar EVO Detachable Autosound Applicator
    Vectra Genisys Laser Therapy Module
    Probe Cable
    Multi Radiance MR4 Carrying Case
    Chatta 9 Diode Cluster Probe 540Mw
    Multi Radiance Cart W/ Single Hands Free Armature
    Richmar 200Mw/785Nm Laser Emitter
    Multi Radiance Goggles For MR4 Laser
    Removable Fine-Tip Light Guide (Acu-Tip)
    Infrared Laser Safety Goggles
    Portable Holster w/ Waist Belt
    PT Power Adapter (18V)
    DT Power Adapter (12V)
    Point Finder Package
    Package Of 50 Patient Brochures
    RichMar Laser Module For Winner EVO Series
    RichMar EVO Cart Storage Bin
    Multi Radiance Lasershower Emitter LS50-4Diode 50W
    Mr4 Dls Package
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