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      Interferential Units

      ScripHessco offers a wide selection of interferential units for electrotherapy and ultrasounds. The Portable Interferential IF-4000 Muscle Stimulator, IFC Portable Electrotherapy and Current Solutions InTENSity Select Combo are just a few of the many units found on ScripHessco. Our interferential units are safe to use on your patients, allowing them to receive the medical attention they need without the excessive worrying.

      Biphasic/Mono Phasic Stimulator
      Gv350 High Volt Stimulator
      Interferential Stimulator
      Intelect Transport 2 Channel Stim Package
      Mettler Trio*Stim Clinical Device
      Chatta Intelect Legend Xt 4 Channel Stim W/Cart
      Chattanooga Intelect Transport 2 Channel Unit
      Amrex Z-Stim If 150 Interferential Unit
      Interferential/Russian Stim If250
      Vectra Genisys Electrotherapy 4 Channel W/ Cart
      Vectra Genisys 4 Channel Electrotherapy Unit
      Vectra Genisys 2 Channel Electrotherapy Unit
      Tax Savings
      Breakthrough Coaching