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    Diathermy Equipment & Accessories

    We carry a large selection of diathermy accessories to use for electrotherapy and ultrasounds. Diathermy machines, coil cables, applicators, soft rubber plates and instrument carts can all be found on ScripHessco at an affordable price. We carry top-notch diathermy accessories, ensuring you get the best use during electrotherapy and ultrasounds.

    Soft Rubber Plate Applicator With Flex Cable
    Four-Joint Folding Arm For Mettler 390
    14Cm Drum Applicator For Me390 - No Cable
    Special Field Coil Cable For Mettler 390
    Cloth Cover For Rubber Plates
    Felt Spacer For Rubber Plates
    Strap For Securing 14Cm Coil Applicator
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