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    Sound and Vibration Therapy

    ScripHessco carries all the supplies you need to equip your office for Sound & Vibration Therapy. Sound & Vibration Therapy is a profound, effective, and efficient energy modality that creates a healing mechanism of resonance and vibration. Our Low Ohm, Mid Ohm and High Ohm Tuning forks are made from space grade aluminum and will not go out of tune.

    Low Ohm Tuning Fork
    High-Ohm Octave Set
    There's No Place Like Ohm- Volume 2 CD
    Ohm Therapeutics Vibrational Healing Music Cd
    Mid-Ohm Tuning Fork Set+Instructions
    Osteo Ohm Tuning Fork & Instructions
    OHM Professional Starter Sound Healing Set
    Sound Healing Vibrational Healing Book And DVD Set
    Mid Ohm Tuning Fork
    Ohm Octave Set
    The Tuning Fork Primer- Instructional Chart
    Mid Ohm Tuning Fork Kit
    Practitioner Activator
    Co-Labeling Program from Core Products
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