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    TheraGun® Percussion Therapy Products & Recovery Tools

    TheraGun G3PRO™ uses advanced percussive frequency modulation therapy. The massage tool goes to work on persistent muscle & joint pain – bringing long lasting comfort and much needed relief, so you can get back into your life – and get out of the pain. This Neuro-muscular treatment device with 2,000-2,500 RPM calibrated by a physician with the precise frequency, amplitude, and torque to achieve the most effective percussive vibration therapy. TheraGun® Percussive Therapy Devices & Massage Products. The new theragun G3Pro™ is here. The next generation model Theragun takes the professional-grade percussive therapy device to the next level. The unique trio of 16 mm amplitude, frequency and torque, is now augmented with a proprietary gear box, reducing the noise by 50%. With 60% more battery life, professionals, athletes and prosumers have more use time and less down time. The new dual speed function allows for the standard speed of 2400 RPMs, and now a new lighter speed of 1750 RPMs for sensitive areas. The product now comes with 6 unique attachments, all physician-designed for a variety of bodies, needs and ailments. The product has had a complete design overhaul, without compromising any of its professional materials. The G3Pro™ was designed to change the way you move.

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