American 3B Scientific Anatomical Models

3B Scientific is the world’s leading manufacturer of anatomical and biological teaching aids for science, training and patient education. The excellent quality of 3B Scientific® Products, manufactured by skilled and trained personnel, the extremely competitive value plus the uncompromising flexibility of processing the global customer requirements are the essential factors accounting for steadily increasing success. And that is what 3B stands for: Best Quality, Best Value, Best Service.

Muscle Model 1/4 Full Size
Muscled Leg With Knee - 3 Part
Hollow Foot
Life Size Male Muscular Figure 37 Part
Muscle Torso 27 Part
Head Musculature
Head Musculature W/ Blood Vessels
Head And Neck Musculature With Nerves
Organic/Inorganic Student Set
Heavy Duty Dust Cover For Skeletons
Arm Skeleton With Scapula & Clavicle - RightSale
$117.00 $112.99
8 Part Brain
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Breakthrough Coaching