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20/20 C-DR CHIROPRACTIC Direct Digital Imaging Upgrade.

# 685 0021
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  • Revolutionary 14x17 CCD Sensor Technology Eliminates Any Type of Cassettes
  • High Resolution Gadolinium (Gadox) Scintillator
  • "Point, Click & View" Process > 100 Images per Hour
  • 12 Bit High Quality Image Transfer Interface
  • Lightweight Design for Ease of Handling
  • Advanced Image Processing - Artifact Free & consistent high image quality
  • Integrates to all DICOM compatible PACS software
  • 550VA uninterruptible power supply
  • Standard power supply 110/120 VAC
DELL Precision 3420 High Resolution Diagnostic Viewer Workstation
  • OPAL DICOM image server/viewer software
  • VIZTEK Chiropractic analysis and diagnostic software
  • Window level, magnify, zoom, rotate
  • Tools inlude: Cobb angle and measurements, George's Line, adv. orthogonal & Gonstead
  • Window 7 Operation System
  • Intel Core i5-6500 Processor (Quad Core, 3.26 GHz Turbo, 6MB with HD Graphics)
  • (2) X 1 TB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive Raid 1 Config.
  • Tower Case
  • 8GB 2133MHz DDR4 for Precision Workstations
  • 23" Dell 2MP LED Flat Panel Hi-Res Monitor
  • Onboard Intel DVMT Video Card
  • CDRW Drive
  • Integrated Ethernet Controller and 56k Modem
  • 550VA Uniterruptible Power Supply
  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • (2) 1TB Capacity External USB Hard Drives for back up and storage

OPALVIEW VIZTEK Opal-Chiro DICOM Image Viewer Software Package

  • 5 WEB Licenses, Allows access to patient images from 5 locations at the same time
  • VIZTEK Chiropractic Analysis and Diagnostic Software
  • Window Level, Magnify, Zoom, Rotate, Upper Cervical Analysis
  • Tools Include Cobb Angle and Measurements, Lumbar Curve, Markers George's Line, Adv. Orthogonal, Illium analysis, Gonstead Ruler & Text.
  • Installed on Customer provided PC/Laptop Configured to 20/20 Imaging Specifications.

20/20 C-DR Sensor and Software
  • 48 Months Parts and Repair Labor
  • 12 Months Remote Support
  • 12 Month Power Supply
  • Includes all software revisions
  • Sensor Replacement Program: If sensor panel can't be repaired remotely, a loaner will be sent out to arrive at 10:30 A.M. next business day.
  • Customer supplied internet access is required prior to system install for remote diagnostics. Network is the responsibility of the customer.

Computer Components (PC, Monitors, Related)

  • 36 Months Specific to Manufacturers Warranties


  • 12 Months Parts
  • ie. monitor, external hard drives, keyboard.mouse, cables
Additional Options available (images shown above): CDR Economical Detector, CFP (Flat Panel) Detector, CFPW (Wireless Flat Panel) Detector, OPAL-Chiro Software

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Q: Exactly what Atlas Orthogonal tools come on the system?
Created on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 by Chris
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