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Trigger Point SMRT-CORE DVD

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SMRT-CORE stands for self-myofascial release therapy and core strengthening work and is efficiently combined in the same workout using the GRID. The instructional education material is presented as a DVD and the program is not only easy to follow but it caters to various fitness levels. For in-home use. 

Level 1
The starting point and provides the foundational movements needed to perform all of the SMRT-CORE exercise. Incorporating the movements into the foundation exercises engages the core and creates a baseline for increasing strength and stability

Level 2
Includes added intensity after the foundational movements have been mastered. Level 2 adds a push, pull to many of the exercises providing more focus to the core muscles. This allows you to build on the strength and stability gained in Level 1.

Level 3
Takes the push, pull adds a press and a pause at the peak intensity of each movement. This will take you to the hardest part of the exercises and then have you hold the position. It not only takes strength to get to this position but incredible stability to hold it. Posture is imperative at this level of intensity with SMRT-CORE.

**It is recommended you only move on to the next level after you have comfortably mastered Level 1



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