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Thumbby Soft Massage Cones

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Thumbby™ Soft Massage Cone

Provides a deep massage without wearing out your thumbs.  The Thumbby™ massager is made of solid silicone, the same material used for many household and personal items. Silicone is non-reactive, meaning it can be used with most massage lotions and oils.

Available in:
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple

Benefits of using the Thumbby:
  • Massage Therapists (MTs) can work more hours a day and have longer careers because the Thumbby™ Soft Massage Cone saves wear and tear on the hands.
  • The Thumbby™ massage cone is like an extension of the hand! 
  • The point is like a thumb.
  • The side is like the ulnar side of the palm.
  • The bevel is like the heel of the hand and the base is the size of the palm.
  • The Thumbby™ massage tool is very comfortable on the receiving end, whether used for self-care or massaging someone else.
  • The base has enough suction to stick the Thumbby™ massager onto a smooth surface.
  • For personal use stick the Thumbby™ Soft Massage Cone to a wall or door-frame and self-massage your own back or Stick it to the floor and give yourself a fantastic foot massage!
  • The Thumbby™ Soft Massage Cone is light in weight. At only 5.5 oz., it's totally portable. Any time you practice a physical activity, take along a Thumby Soft Massage Cone to help loosen up your muscles beforehand and afterwards.

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Thumbby Soft Massage Cones



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