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The Med-Stone™ Muscle Scraper 3-in-1 Trigger Point & Hot Stone Massage Tool

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The Med-Stone™ Muscle Scraper 3-in-1 Tool

Muscle Scrapping Tool: Features two muscle scrapping fins. The first fin is large, sharp and aggressive. While the second fin is smaller and smoother. For use to break up scare tissue within the muscle and allow toxins to be released. These techniques are beneficial to the detoxification of the body and in the restoration of healthy blood circulation to injured muscles!

Trigger Point Tool: Has a built-in defined, rounded point. This point can be used to accurately penetrate knotted muscles and is superior for Trigger Point Therapy! locations.

Massage Tool: The outer curved side is a heated, rechargeable massage tool.

The Med-Stone™ Muscle Scraper can be used to apply heat to help relax the muscle. Only heated on one side. Very comfortable for the therapist to use! Maintaining a constant 130? for two hours per charge. May be used over clothing or on bare skin with any massage oil or cream! The Med-Stone™ Muscle Scraper is non-porous and is easily cleaned!

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