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    The SinuCleanse® Neti Pot

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    SinuCleanse® Neti Pot

    The SinuCleanse® system is a gentle, effective nasal wash for adults and children who suffer from sinus and nasal problems. Developed by a leading ear, nose and throat physician, it instantly helps relieve symptoms including nasal congestion, thick nasal drainage, post-nasal drip, cough and sinus headache. SinuCleanse® is today's scientifically proven "neti pot", a device used for centuries during the practice of yoga to help clean the nasal passages. Made of dishwasher safe unbreakable plastic, and packaged with packets of natural saline solution, the SinuCleanse® system is complete with everything you need to start breathing easier today.

    Because there are no preservatives, no chemicals and no medications, the SinuCleanse® Neti Pot can be used in conjunction with current medication to increase the effectiveness of those drugs. It is completely free from side-effects and has no drug interactions.

    Use sterile, boiled (and cooled) or distilled water only. Rinse out the pot throughly after use and let air-dry.

    FAQ's from the community.

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    Q: what is the material & can the pot be boiled or microwaved to sterilize it after use?
    Created on Monday, June 30, 2014 by mary
    0 Answers



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