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    SCIFIT Recumbent Forward Only Adjustable Seat

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    Recumbent Bike Forward Only Adjustable Seat

    BikesSCIFIT recumbent bikes are designed for cardiovascular conditioning and strength training via the Iso-Strength program. Iso-Strength, coupled with bi-directional resistance (ISO7000R only) allows the user to perform a leg press movement while pedaling forward, and gluteus and hamstring exercise pedaling in reverse on the recumbent bike.


    • True Adjustable Step-through – allows access to more users.
    • Safe, Easy Access - step through space adjusts up to a full 23 inches.

    Adjustable Cranks:

    • Optional Adjustable Cranks - to adjust range of motion; 3 adjustment lengths: 5”, 6” and 7”.

    Comfort & Fit

    • Comfortable, Oversized Seat - exceptional lumbar support.  
    • Largest Pedal Surface Available – with easily adjustable foot straps.
    • Optional, Adjustable Seat - also available.
    • 3 years parts, 1 year labor
    • Exceptions: 1 Year warranty on pedals and seat. Wear items (rubber hand grips and pedal straps) are excluded from warranty unless determined to be defective.
    • Lenth: 58"
    • Width: 24"
    • Height: 53"
    • Weight: 221 lbs
    • User Capacity: 500
    • Adjustable Cranks – 3 lengths to adjust range of motion.
    • Standard Fixed seat – comfort and support with 500 lb. user weight capacity.
    • Adjustable Seat – Therapist Assist Pedal provides easy seat adjustment.
    • Heart Rate Transmitter – Polar chest strap for heart rate monitoring.
    • Fit-Key – SCIFIT’s exclusive Plug-and-play system.


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    SCIFIT Recumbent Forward Only Adjustable Seat