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    Saunders Group 3D 73000 Activetrac

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    Saunders Group 3D 73000 Active Trac

    The smoothest performing, most advanced traction and mobilization/manipulation and treatment table ever made.  Its new, all-in-one design and features give you the widest range of therapeutic techniques for treatment.

    Standard features:

    • Touch-screen controls offer easy, step-by-step set-up for cervical or lumbar traction, static or intermittent with optional ramp up/down times.
    • Removable cervical traction mechanism sets into table. Works without ropes and pulleys; provides angle adjustability up to 30°. (Adapter available for Chattanooga Cervical Traction device.)
    • Easy-roll locking casters are a standard feature.
    • Deluxe, electric hand control lets you adjust the height of the table and its flexion/extension position (optional foot control also available).
    • Armrests and extra soft face slot provide maximum patient comfort throughout treatment.
    • Self-contained traction source eliminates the awkward and obsolete rope and pulley system.
    • Innovative, slim-line stabilization belts provide you with an alternative to the standard thoracic/pelvic harness system. We provide both options so you can choose which is more comfortable and effective for each patient.
    • “Squeeze-and-release” lever system allows smooth lateral bending and rotation of the lower table portion - no jerkiness or instability.
    • Lower half of the table actively separates by pneumatic power to provide unparalleled traction efficiency.
    • 3D adjustability makes the 3D ActiveTrac a perfect mobilization/ manipulation table.
    • Table height electrically adjusts from 23” to 35” to allow a full range of manual techniques.
    • Unique design fits in a more compact space than competitive tables.
    • Length: 92" Width: 25"
    • Working Weight: 300 lbs.
    • 1 year warranty

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    Q: what are the electrical specs of this table?
    Created on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 by Becha
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