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    Salt Scrubs And Mud Wraps Instructional DVD

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    Salt Scrubs & Mud Wraps Instructional DVD

    Spa services are among the fastest growing segment of the massage business. Scrubs and wraps not only cleanse and soften the skin, but they also draw out impurities from within while relaxing and soothing the body. These rituals, when administered by skilled and sensitive therapists, can also be relaxing and soothing. If you are involved in the health and beauty industry this is a must have. This DVD will teach you: how and why scrubs and wraps produce beautiful results, what equipment is required and how to prepare, how to perform dry-room treatments, scrub and wrap tips and techniques, how to rehydrate the skin, and contraindications for treatments. No wet room or shower facilities are required. 30 min. running time.

    What You'll Learn:
    • How and why these valuable spa treatments produce a beautiful result that is more than "skin deep"
    • How to easily acquire and use the equipment required for treatments
    • Preparing your space and the massage table for the spa treatments
    • How to easily do these dry-room treatments in your studio or your client's home
    • Easy tips and techniques
    • How and when to rehydrate the skin
    • List of contraindications for these treatments
    • Contact info if you have further questions




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