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      Rockblade Kit

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      RockBlade Kit

      From the makers of RockTape® this kit is comprised of two precision-engineered and manufactured soft-tissue instruments: The Mallet and The Mullet. The kit also contains the newly reformulated RockRub and sanitizing wipes to use between patients.

      The Mallet

      Is fabricated from surgical-grade stainless steel with hand-polished treatment surfaces. This high quality construction combines with its perfectly balanced and weighted core makes tissue scanning and treatment a breeze. The Mallet contains matte finished dimples – four on each side - combined with a patented brass knuckle styled handle that allows practitioners to hold the tool in six different ways. Each side has its own unique shape and edge radius.  

      The Mullet

      Is a lightweight tool crafted from an incredibly durable thermos-plastic polyamide. Which is the same material used in high performance automotive and aerospace applications. The Mullet is designed to be portable which allows for practitioners to deliver superior soft tissue manipulation to their patients in a wide array of settings. The tool has four distinct edges providing a vast array of treatment capabilities. The Mullet also included a few quirks including a functioning bottle opener and RockTape’s awesome manifesto design on the non-treatment faces of the tool.




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