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R. Stephens Medical Massage - Cervical Region Dvd

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Medical Massage for the Cervical Region DVD

This video teaches you a complete routine for the posterior, lateral and anterior cervical muscles to help you treat headaches, neck strains and whiplash.

  • This video shares with you a complete medical massage routine for the posterior, lateral, and anterior myofascial tissues of the neck; clearly shown and explained, to help you thoroughly examine and normalize the soft tissues of the cervical region. Common causes of head and neck pain including trigger points and postural distortion are discussed.
  • Learn powerful, yet easy, safe and pain free methods to help you provide relief for people with neck pain, cervical strains and sprains, range of motion restrictions and whiplash.
  • Includes techniques to address the posterior suboccipitals, splenius, scaleni, sternocleidomastoid, hyoids, longus coli and more.

89 Minutes

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