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R. Stephens Event Sports Massage Dvd

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Event Sports Massage DVD

This video is a very complete course in Event Sports Massage. It teaches you timing, theory, techniques, the specific strokes of Sports Massage and the most efficient ways to apply them. Learn pre and post event massage routines on both table and chair. This tape will help you become a more efficient therapist at the event or in your office.

"An excellent workshop on tape." - Massage Magazine

This tape covers:

  • Theory, timing and techniques for Event Sports Massage.
  • The specific strokes used in Event Sports Massage and the most efficient way to apply them.
  • Cramp management techniques (these will help when patients get cramps on your massage table in your office as well as at the sporting event site!).
  • Equipment, preparation and sanitation considerations.
  • Pre-Event Massage routine on a massage table and on a massage chair.
  • Intercompetition Massage.
  • Post Event Massage routine on a massage table and on a massage chair.
  • This video will help you become a more efficient, effective therapist by teaching you a powerful, full body massage that can be done in 12 - 15 minutes. This leaves you the rest of the session to address the specific complaints of the patient. You will also learn the neurological effect of each stroke so you can chose the exact stroke you need to best help your patient/athlete.
  • This video received an excellent review in Nov/Dec 1999 issue of Massage Magazine.
  • Sports Massage, it isn't just for athletes anymore!

85 minutes




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