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Pivoting Armrests For Lifetimer Portable Tables

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Our pivoting arm rests are an excellent addition to your table. Our elevation tables  come standard with our unique infinitely positional, pivoting and locking, arm rests. No competitors chiropractic tables can offer so much adjustability and comfort with their arm rest assemblies. The comfort is in the unique horseshoe shape, which allows patients of all arm lengths and preferences to find just the perfect arm position. Our portable Chiropractic tables offer optional pivoting armrests. These pivoting arm rests are not lockable except in the resting horizontal position. These optional Chiropractic table arm rests are ergonomically shaped and are comfortably padded. Unlike many of our competitors designs, there is no need to detach our arm rests from when folding up the table. Simply pivot the arm rests to the vertical position and fold the front leg closed and the arm rests nest perfectly to the underside shape of the table. Your patient will love the comfort and you’ll appreciate the ability to pivot them from the horizontal to the vertical position and everywhere in between to provide maximum adjusting efficiency.

Weight:  10 lbs
Dimensions:  29 x 17 x 4 in




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