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    NIR™ Chiro Pro™ Infrared Light Therapy System

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    NIR™ Chiro Pro ™ System

    CHIRO 6/PORT PRO Clinical Controller features a programmable frequency function to increase the efficacy of your LED polychromatic light therapy sessions. PRO Series devices are designed specifically for clinical practices and home health agencies where application time is an important consideration and multiple, mixed light pads are used simultaneously.  This robust controller was developed in collaboration with therapy practitioners and with clinical environments in mind.

    BOOT/122 Red (x2) – This uniquely shaped pad system features 122 Red and Infrared LEDs and can fold over the entire foot, or be used lengthwise along the calf or shin.  The pad includes a hook and loop straps for hands free operation.

    SMALL/50 Red (x2)  – This small-sized pad system features 50 Red and Infrared LEDs.  It is a versatile pad suitable for use with a number of applications and includes a hook and loop strap for hands free operation.

    *This item must be ordered by a licensed healthcare professional.




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