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    Metron Ultracheck - Model Uc170

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    Metron Ultracheck - Model UC170

    The Metron Ultracheck is a simple and cost effective way to ensure your clients are receiving the desired dose of ultrasound therapy both safely and effectively. This simple to use device is designed to test the consistency of output of any ultrasound machine between professional calibrations.
    Designed by an Australian Physiotherapist in conjunction with a Biophysicist, this simple yet effective device allows the practitioner to test their own ultrasound equipment to ascertain the accuracy of the output.
    Using the linear scale, immediately after a professional calibration, the therapist is able to measure the output at regular intervals and ensure there are no fluctuations in ultrasound output. The results of these tests are greater confidence in the effectiveness and safety of the ultrasound unit.
    While the Ultrachek UC170 is not a replacement for professional calibrations or yearly safety checks it will allow the therapist to ensure the accurate operation of their ultrasound.
    A simple procedure that will take only a few moments to complete and will give the Therapist complete confidence in the effectiveness and safety of their equipment. Each unit comes with a detailed instruction manual and a master test sheet to copy and record the results.




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