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    Game Ready® Med4 Elite™ Multi-Modality Therapy Unit

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    Game Ready® Med4 Elite™ Multi-Modality Therapy Unit

    Recovery Re-engineered

    The Med4 Elite multi-modality therapy unit can get people back to being their best effectively and safely with the most innovative and advanced recovery technology available. Workflow is streamlined by allowing simultaneous treatment of one or two patient or multiple injuries – all with targeted efficiency. The multi-modality injury and surgery recovery system integrates targeted iceless cold therapy, controllable heat therapy, rapid contrast therapy (RTC) , and active compression therapies (intermittent pneumatic compression therapy) like never before. The four modalities can be used independently or in combination depending on your patient’s recovery state and treatment plan.

    Iceless Cold

    As low as 38°F/3°C. Deep penetrating, longer lasting cold that promotes vasoconstriction, safely relieve pain without narcotics following acute injury or surgery, and reduce metabolic demand, muscle spasms and inflammation.

    Controllable Heat

    Up to 113°F/45°C. Promotes vasodilation and increases circulation to the injured area, support the lymphatic system, reduce pain and stiffness, and stimulate natural healing after injury or surgery.

    Rapid Contrast

    Changeover complete in less than one minute. Rapid Contrast Therapy (RTC) delivery alternately opens and constricts the vascular system in a targeted injury area to relieve pain and increase blood flow without causing additional edema – efficiently, compactly and cleanly

    Active Compression

    4 levels of compression that range from 5-75 mmHg. Patented intermittent pneumatic compression mimics natural muscle contractions to “pump” edema away from the injury area, and helps conform the wraps to the body for better surface contact and more effective cold/heat therapy.


    • Flexible therapeutic combinations help reduce pain without narcotics, accelerate the body’s natural healing mechanisms, and increase range of motion and muscle strength.
    • Easily alternate between modalities and adjust time, temperature, and pressure levels with an intuitive touchscreen interface.
    • Compatible with a majority of Game Ready’s line of anatomically designed, low-profile, circumferential wraps to treat the major body parts effectively and comfortably.
    • Compact foot print and lockable caster wheels ensure easy positioning.




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