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Magnesphere™ - Magnetic Resonance Therapy System

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Magnesphere - Whole Body Magnetic Resonance Therapy System

The Magnesphere™ and Halo Pro™ systems provide a whole body immersion into very precise, extremely low level electromagnetic fields (EMF) that "enhance feelings of relaxation." Bases upon Peer Reviewed Research, these devices allow you to re-balance the body and to address any number of conditions related to, or exacerbated by Chronic Stress and its symptoms (pain, stiffness, inflammation, energy levels and sleep quality).
"D.D. Palmer’s imagination is our creation….. Combining the “mechanical adjustment” standard in Chiropractic, with the “molecular level adjustment” of our System allows you to achieve a more comprehensive solution for your patients.
A Cash Based, unattended therapeutic, that’s backed by 25 years of Research and primarily Staff Driven, allows you to grow your Practice.
Easy to use Web Based Interface that provides recommended Treatment protocols based upon the patient’s condition. Incorporating a “Learning System” that improves on a continual basis.
Magneceutical University: a 90 day program meant to take you from a “beginner” to an “expert” (Yes you actually move from the Green Slopes to the Black Slopes ).
The “Perfect Chair” a Zero-Gravity Recliner by Human Touch, allows your Patients to relax and embodies the latest research and smart ergonomics that promotes relief from back pain by naturally decompressing vertebrae.
HALO (Home and Lifetime Option) A problem for Chiropractors….. when you're successful, at reducing your patient's pain, they stop making appointments. The key to a lifetime of therapy and homeostasis, is making it accessible and affordable by selling your patients a system for their home. This option provides you a cash pay "annuity" that continues to build as you grow your practice.
Marketing Plan: We provide the foundation of a Professional Marketing plan that brings New Patients to your door. 
  • Integrated Website
  • Introduction Video and other Waiting Room Marketing Materials
  • Email Drip Campaign
  •  FaceBook Ad Campaign
  •  “Free Session” Coupons
System Dimensions: 7’2” Long x 4’1” Wide x 6’4” High and 2 year warranty




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