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    Korebalance® Professional 19" System

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    Korebalance® Professional 19" System

    A proactive high performance device for training and prevention of injuries. The computer, which is specifically designed for the Korebalance® uses a 19" touch screen monitor and effortless navigation. The software provides balance and vestibular assessment, introduces training programs, helps with stability, coordination and posture. The interactive games make for fun training programs and increases positive feedback for the user.
    Made in the USA

    Features & Benefits
    • 2" Hardened steel safety hand rails
    • Choice of large surface acoustic wave digital flat panel lcd touchscreens with integrated quality speakers
    • USB ports for installing software upgrades
    • Windows operating system for increased reliability and userfriendly interface
    • WiFi enabled
    • Accelerometer tracks movements 360º horizontally and 20º vertically
    • 6 Exercise band attachment points to enhance training
    • Real time visual biofeedback
    • Static and dynamic balance assessment
    • Printed color reports help track progress and documents outcomes
    • Patient data storage
    • Trains the body to respond to an unstable environment
    • Fall prevention
    • Improves agility, reaction time, and motor control
    • Stimulates the brain and nervous system
    • 44"L x 58"W x 80"H
    • 100-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz, 500 Watt power
    • 315lbs (143 kg)
    • 500lbs weight capacity (227 kg)
    • **Ships on a palette (2 boxes)
    • Electronics, Wear Items - 1 Year
    • Frame- 15 Years




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