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    Korebalance® Premiere 22

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    Korebalance® Premiere 22

    The software for the Korebalance Premiere provides balance and vestibular assessment. Designed for use by medical centers, clinics, PT Offices, assisted living facilities, recreation centers, health and fitness clubs, universities and professional sport teams. The Korebalance® System uses the latest in virtual and interactive high-tech balance assessment and training. Training programs are incorporated, stimulating the brain and nervous system to improve balance, stability, coordination and posture. Interactive 3D games make training programs fun and captivating.

    Features and Benefits

    • Fun interactive 3D training programs
    • Unlimited data storage and reports
    • Leading edge touchscreen interface with a choice of sizes
    • Coordinated functional use of all three peripheral systems
    • Infinite stability settings
    • Evaluate the balance and stability using objective neuro-sensory balance assessment in addition to neuro-cognitive testing tools
    • Accurate quantitative balance assessment for the patients receiving neuro-sensory rehabilitation
    • Personalize rehabilitation protocol according to patient’s needs


    • Large dynamic platform
    • Enhanced patented pneumatic system
    • Ergonomically designed safety 2” handrails, independently adjustable
    • Effortless mobility with integrated wheels
    • Anti-slip surface
    • (6) exercise band attachment points to enhance training
    • High speed accelerometer with 360° horizontal and 20° vertical movement tracking
    • 22” medical grade touchscreen/computer combination
    • Footprint 44” x 58”
    • 80” height – fully extended
    • Power – 100-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz; 500 Watt
    • 315 lbs total weight
    • 500lbs weight capacity



    • Frame 15 years, electronics 2 years, wear items 1 year




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