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      KDT Neural-Flex Decompression System with Pelvic Drop

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      KDT Neural-Flex Decompression System with Pelvic Drop (All Colors)

      Neural-Flex Supine Treatment and Gravity Assisted Supine 
      The KDT Table System is the only Decompression System featuring bolster-less leg elevation with pelvic tilt which pre-tensions posterior elements.  The KDT System allows simultaneous patient and table Y-Axis distraction.  The Passive Tensioning Reactive Orthopedic Spring controls X-Axis table motion.  Now you can enhance decompression without the danger of increased force. Tension can be matched specifically to patient morphology.  Upper section pivots at L-5 for true upper body Semi-Fowler Positioning (supine) as described in the Kennedy Decompression Technique which allows deep flexion to create the mechanical positioning necessary to help centralize "atypically migrating" posterior discs.  A lateral motor mount slide allows lateralization of pull for lateral hernia, scoliosis and facet syndromes.  

      • Decompression
      • Vibration
      • Lumbar or Cervical
      • Prone or Supine

      Neural-Flex Extension Directional Preference Positioning
      McKenzie practitioners have known for years that many posterior discs show a directional preference of extension to hyper extension.  KDT Neural-Flex allows advanced prone extension directional preference positioning which takes advantage of typical migration patterns in posterior discs with respect to their gravitational bias toward the anterior in a non-weight bearing posture.  Once mechanical centralization occurs, (nuclear and peripheral) the enlivening effect of axial decompression has enhanced potency.  

      Innovative Cervical Treatment
      The KDT Table System provides improved comfort while applying decompression to the cervical spine.  The patent pending mid-section elevation allows full support to the lumbar spine while lowering thoracic kyphosis.  The biomechanically correct position enables a full range of cervical angulation.  Patients with a defined directional preference as described in the Kennedy Decompression Technique, can be positioned appropriately to allow cervical discs to migrate centrally without an increase in muscle tension.  

      Neural-Flex Prone Treatment
      The KDT Table System with Neural-Flex technology is the first decompression system with adds the capability of advanced treatment of nerve and foraminal encroachment syndromes as well as a new option for patients suffering with spinal stenosis.  Only the KDT Neural-Flex technology maintains an axial pull vector while allowing the patient's lower torso to be dropped into deep flexion.  The flexion caudal section is fully powered for effortless transition to the pain relieving position.  KDT Neural-Flex technology can be used for traditional manual flexion mobilization as well.  

      Pelvic Drop
      A center-section pelvic drop addresses SI joint fixation/asymmetries as well as the common PI/AS (counter-nutation-fixation often theorized to be determined via a short-to-long leg check) without having to move the patient to another table. Additionally “dropping-the-pelvis” can modify or re-configure lumbar kinematics as well since the pelvis is the base of support and the muscular insertion/origin of many lumbar muscles…it is also rich in mechanoreceptors.