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    Jaxsen's Soothing Herbal Pain Relief Cream - 4 oz.

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    Love this cream

    April 30, 2013
    Jaxsen's Soothing Herbal Pain Relief Cream - 4 oz.

    I used Jaxsens on a few of my chronic pain patients with Rheumatoid/degenerative arthritis. They LOVE it. Really decreased the pain and stiffness in their joints. I have one lady who was referred to me for treatment of chronic pain resulting from an automobile accident years ago. She has been on narcotics ever since. I have been treating her with the Jaxsen's and it has significantly decreased her pain. There exists for the first time a REAL possibility that she can get off ALL of her narcotics!. I don't know much about herbal product, but this stuff really does work.. I am believer

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    Jaxsens cream

    December 19, 2012
    Jaxsen's Soothing Herbal Pain Relief Cream - 4 oz.

    I am so very happy that Scrip Hesco is carrying this Jaxsens. I am a Physician medical director of a Physical therapy/rehab center. My patients LOVE this cream they tell me that they apply Jaxsens to their sore joints and muscles and the pain is gone. They tell me that Jaxsens is the best pain relief product they have ever tried. I started selling tubes out of my office and I can't keep it on the shelf. Scrip will do very well with Jaxsens. I am so glad you carry it because the pain relief is immediate and long lasting and from a medical perspective my patients describe an increase in their activities of daily living which is the goal of physical rehabilitation and since starting to use Jaxsens cream my patient satisfaction and referrals have increased markedly. I would give it more than 5 stars. Jaxsens does what all other pain products fail to do which is provide immediate, long lasting pain relief, without the side effects. Of note a couple of my patients are professional athletes and they tell me that they Jaxsens has helped them heal faster and can get them through the game with less pain. I highly recommend this product and doctors office will be VERY pleased with this Jaxsens cream..Thanks again and I will refer other physicians to your website for special offers.

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