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Hot Stone Accu Roller

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Hot Stone Accu Roller

Unlock your creativity with the Hot Stone Accu-Roller™!  

This unique Hot Stone Accu-Roller™ allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a hot stone massage without burning your hands on hot, messy, slippery stones that are hard to work with.



  • No oils needed - the unique design allows the wheels to glide easily while taking pressure off of your hands.
  • Offer your massage over clothing or bare skin.
  • The stones are able to be heated up just the way you would for ordinary hot stones.
  • The sanitary, non-porous soapstone wheels’ heat evenly and retain their temperature for a long-lasting, therapeutic massage.
  • Your Hot Stone Accu-Roller™ is easy to clean and maintain, and the durable soapstone and hardwood construction will hold up to decades of great massages.


The Hot Stone Accu-Roller™ can be used for self-care, and its versatile construction can be adapted to virtually any massage need including standard hot stone massages, deep tissue work, stick massage, acupressure and many more. With two sets of acupressure pins, four spacers, and four soapstone wheels, you can arrange your Hot Stone Accu-Roller™ in dozens of ways for a truly customized massage. Change the number of wheels, add more spacers, or remove all of them for a stick massage experience. The Hot Stone Accu-Roller puts the power of a professional massage session in your hands!




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