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    Hivamat® 200 Portable - Chiropractic - Deep Oscillation Therapy Unit

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    Hivamat® 200 Portable – Chiropractic

    The Hivamat® 200 Portable provides a mobile therapy option for deep oscillation treatments with a simple to use interface that is easily transportable and battery operated. The unit uses practice specific Treatment Protocol Cards for either Athletic, Rehabilitation, and Chiropractic related treatments.

    Hivamat®, which stands for Histologically Variable Manual Technique, is the combination of manual Therapy is therapeutic modality. Deep oscillation therapy is a unique therapeutic treatment for chiropractic care that is FDA-approved for pain relief, muscle relaxation and increasing circulation. All of which are important factors that aid in the body’s natural recovery process. Oscillations within the soft tissues are the result of intermittent electrostatic fields and friction. Opposing polarities between the patient and hand/applicator creates electrostatic attraction. As the hand/applicator is moved, resonant vibrations are created up to 8 centimeters deep into the tissues of the patient.

    Three Phases of Deep Oscillation Treatments

    1. Dissolution of lymphatic waste – high frequency oscillations work to breakup accumulated solids in the interstitium, such as proteins, lymphocytes and other waste deposits so it is easier for them to move through the lymphatic system.
    2. Muscle relaxation - moderate frequency oscillations then relax the surrounding tissue. With less restriction, the lymphatic pathways are opened up to support waste displacement.
    3. Waste displacement - low frequency oscillations create a synthetic peristalsis, used in conjunction with a homogenous progression toward the nearest lymph mode to evacuate the accumulations from the area.

    Unit Includes:

    • Hivamat® 200 Portable Chiropractic
    • Hivamat® electrodes (40)
    • Treatment gloves (100)
    • Powder
    • Connection cable snap (2)
    • 1.2V NiMH batteries (4)
    • Battery charger
    • Transport bag
    **Only available for sale in U.S. and Canada**




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