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    Headache Hammock: Orthopedic Traction Headrest

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     Headache Hammock

    An orthopedic traction headrest that serves as a natural for headaches, certain migraines, upper neck pain and muscle tension. Designed to mimic the occipital lift, a manual therapy widely practiced by doctors and therapists for decades. The teqchinique has been used clinically to help release muscle tension located in the upper cervical region.

    Research has show muscle tension in the upper cervical region may be a leading cause of headaches, including migraines and neck pain. By placing the head properly on the device, the specialized high density foam will lift the head and traction the occiput, while at the same time applying gentle pressure to the muscular tension in the upper neck. This will allow the muscular tension to relax and the head will settle into the hammock of the device. When this occurs, pain may rapidly improve and with regular consistent use, patients or clients may find significant improvement in their headaches and upper neck pain.

    The Headache Hammock provides patients or clients an adjunct therapy at home between visits.

    It is also works great in office as pretreatment therapy to relax tense muscles in the upper neck prior to treatment.

    • FDA registered
    • Patented pending
    • May be warmed or cooled to enhance its therapeutic effect
    • Made of nontoxic, non-allergenic, specialized high density foam
    • To clean use a cloth moistened with a mild detergent and allow it to air dry
    • MSRP $49.95


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    This device really helps my patients.

    September 10, 2013
    Headache Hammock: Orthopedic Traction Headrest

    This is one of the best products I have found to give to patients to use at home as an adjunct to my in office treatments. It really helps reduce upper cervical muscle tension which is so often related to the headaches and neck pain I see in practice. It's also really beneficial that the device can be heated or cooled as this adds to its therapeutic effect.

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