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Elite Flex-3 Manual Flexion Table with 1 Drop

# 894 0019
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Flex-3 Manual Flexion Table with Cervical Drop

A manual flexion table that will flex, extend and laterally flex, or a standard adjusting table that can be combined with your choice of drops. Choose the ideal height from 20" – 32" (1" increments) for your working comfort

ELITE Tables Standard Features:

  • Multi-directional headpiece, tilt, elevation and adjustable cushions
  • Choice of forward motion or toggle drops standard on all models
  • Elevating pelvic and lumbar sections (each tilt upward to 15°)
  • Easy drop foot cocking pedals on both sides of table
  • Low maintenance, dependable function
  • Knee break and ankle extension
  • Non-exposed mechanism
  • High density foam cushions
  • Healthcare-grade naugahyde covers in a wide range of colors (leather upholstery optional)
  • 21" Wide table surface
  • Sturdy welded steel construction
  • Base color of black or white
Standard Features:
  • Smooth range of lateral flexion and deep flexion depth
  • Removable flexion control handle offers 3 different height adjustments
  • Table can be locked while in a flexed position
  • Able to perform figure 8 R.O.M.’s
  • Cervical, pelvic and thoracic drops
  • Pelvic cushions can drop in either a flexed/neutral or extended position
Optional Features with Manual Flexion:
  • 24" wide table surface
  • Leather upholstery
  • Upper thoracic drop
  • Electric distraction
  • Abdominal breakaway
  • Drop in breakaway
  • Cervical toggle drop
  • Elevation
  • Electric tension
  • Dual drop cervical
  • Cervical flexion
  • Cervical and lateral flexion
Optional Features with Elevation:
  • Height options for elevation 20"– 28", 22"-30" or 24" – 32"
  • Dual footswitch optional

Additional Models:
  • Flex-1 Cervical Drop
  • Flex-2 Cervical and Pelvic Drop
  • Flex-4 All Drops