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    The new standard of range of motion measurement.

    EasyAngle is an innovative medical device that enables physiotherapists and other professions to measure mobility of all relevant joints in the body. Documenting rehabilitation progress and status is becoming increasingly important. EasyAngle facilitates this by saving measurement results and providing accurate measurements of the joint mobility. It also enables better patient feedback. EasyAngle is a Swedish innovation and it is listed at FDA as a class 1 medical device.


    • Motivating the Patient - With EasyAngle it is easy to measure status and progress in small steps due to the device’s high accuracy. Measured angles can easily be communicated and used to motivate patients to follow established rehabilitation programs.
    • Easy to Use - Measurement with one hand allows for the physiotherapist to support the patient and enables an easy measurement procedure. Only one alignment is needed at a time and the display clearly shows each measured result along with five latest measurements.
    • Accurate - EasyAngle has a high precision sensor that is accurate within ±1°.
    • Efficient Workflow - Quick measurement save time.
    • All-in-one - EasyAngle can be used for high quality assessment of all relevant joints. Replacing the goniometer, inclinometer, CROM-device, BROM-device and scoliometer.

    How to measure with the EasyAngle

    1. Press the large turquoise button to enter measurement mode.
    2. Align the device with the first limb and the press the button again to start measurement.
    3. Align the second limb and press the button to end measurement. The angle is calculated and shown on the display.
    4. Press the button again to view the measured angle together with the last four recent values.


    • Charge Time: 2 hours
    • Usage Time: 2 weeks (at 12 minutes usage/day)
    • Stand-by Time: 11 weeks
    • Sensor Accuracy: ±1° within 180°
    • Regulatory Status: Medical device class 1


    • Sensor unit
    • Alignment guides: 19.5cm and 28cm
    • USB charger with cable
    • Instructions for use

    For more information and to see the unit in action click here.




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