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    Zopec™ DT-1200 Electrotherapy system for Feet Neuropathy & Pain

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    ZOPEC TM DT-1200 Peripheral Neuropathy, Body Pain System

    • Designed specifically for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy and acute/chronic body pains including back pain, sciatica, and joint pain.
    • FDA approved Class II Medical Device for electrotherapy safety and efficacy.
    • For peripheral neuropathy, it has patented silver coated hand and foot electrodes specifically designed for peripheral neuropathy. It delivers strong stimulation to hands and feet. It can even isolate individual fingers or toes for treatment. Note: this product configuration # 197502 does not include the hand electrode. It can be purchased as an accessory.
    • For acute/chronic body pain, it uses low frequency current interference specifically designed to better scramble intractable pain signals and increasing blood circulation to enhance healing. Capable to deliver 1000 combinations of unique low frequency current interference programs to avoid nerve accommodations.
    • Effectiveness has been evaluated by neurologists, chiropractors, family physicians, and patients with great success. Specifically, it has helped diabetic, chemotherapy, alcoholic, and multiple sclerosis patients even when medications are no longer effective in reducing pain.
    • Patients benefit from pain relief and reducing the need to take narcotic medications, which damage livers and cause dependency over time.
    • Patient manual has clear clinical treatment instructions including pictures for each step-by-step procedure.
    • Clinically prescribed settings can be locked for the ease-of-use at home for patients.
    Channels 2 independent channels: each customize pulse width, mode, and frequency.
    Power Source 4 AA batteries (inserted into the back of device)
    Waveform Asymmetric biphasic square
    Pulse Width 50-350 uS
    Pulse Intensity 0-60 mA
    Pulse Frequency 1-200 Hz
    Timer Control 1-99 minutes. Constant on is 00.
    Dimensions 5” x 2.75” x 1.25”
    Weight 0.5 lb (batteries included)
    Limited Warranty 1 Year


    • DT-1200 device
    • 2 silver coated single foot electrodes
    • 4 AA batteries
    • 2"x2" premium adhesive electrodes 4/pack
    • 1 belt clip
    • Patient manual
    Insurance Reimbursement:

    Insurance reimbursement now available for this product (depends on each insurance). Please see the Insurance Reimbursement Instruction attached for more details. 


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    Q: Can this be administered by anybody, in the home or at a facility? Or is there a need for professional training (i.e. doctor, chiropractor, therapist, etc.)?
    Created on Monday, July 14, 2014 by Sheri
    2 Answers



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