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    DongBang Cupping Set

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    DongBang Cupping Set

    The DongBang Vacuum Cupping set is one of the best on the market for professionals who provide Cupping Therapy treatments using this style of cups. Cups are made from polycarbonate plastic, which means that they are incredibly strong and designed for continual, professional use. The polycarbonate plastic also means that these cups have a superior suction. The hand pump and connection tube are extremely well designed, the cups have a smooth release air-locking valve, and the pistol grip hand pump is smoother to operate.
    This DongBang Vacuum / Suction Cupping set comes complete with a pistol grip vacuum hand pump and 19 cups allowing for a customized treatment. The pistol grip hand pump creates a vacuum against the skin that draws out negative pressure. Trusted by healthcare professionals!

    Set Includes:

    • One pistol-grip hand pump
    • One rubber extension tube
    • Set of 19 Cups includes:
      • #1 – 13 x 5.1cm diameter cups
      • #2 – 2 x 4.6cm diameter cups
      • #3 – 2 x 4.1cm diameter cups
      • #4 – 2 x 3.3cm diameter cups




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