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    DFM™ Medical Prone/Supine Power Inversion Table

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    DFM™ Medical Prone/Supine PowerInversion Table

    Decompression and Functional Movement Inversion Table Maximizing function in a small space, the DFM™ is an effective therapeutic tool for any clinic. Patients may rest prone or supine while inverted, allowing for treatments at varied angles. Adjustable features ensure user comfort while the easily accessible push-button control allows for supervised or unassisted inversion sessions.

    • Slanted foam bed provides an effective stretching platform and is designed with a detachable foam piece
    • Adjustable knee bolsters provide knee flexion when supine and support the legs when prone
    • Adjustable forearm rests can be adapted to fit the height of any user and help to achieve proper positioning during treatment
    • Knee-high easy-reach ankle closure opens with the simple push of an ergonomically shaped handle, assisting patients with limited mobility
    • Weighted handle design closes automatically upon table rotation should this vital step be overlooked
    • Gravity lock ankle clamp system, constructed of aerospace-grade stainless steel parts
    • Durable UL-Listed motor with push-button control enables smooth and accurate rotation to any angle
    • Interlocking gears in the motor enable bed stabilization at any angle for hassle-free treatment




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