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    Deluxe Hot Stone Massage Stones - Set Of 50

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    Deluxe Hot Stone Massage Set

    Every basalt lava hot massage stone is of the highest quality and is cured, hand-polished, and ready for immediate use. These smooth stones are comprised of Basalt Lava and have an amazing ability to retain temperature. There is no need for curing of the stones prior to use. A natural curing occurs though normal use. Oil is absorbed into the stone with each use , producing a darker color when the stone is dry .This set includes 50 stones. Stones sizes listed are approximate and may vary. Color of the basalt stones will vary.  

    50 Hand-Picked Massage Stones Set Includes:

    • 2 Extra Large
    • 6 Large
    • 18 Medium
    • 16 Small
    • 8 Toe Stones

    Recommended Use for Deluxe Massage Hot Stones Set Of 50:

    • For use with Stone massage Heating Unit
    • Hot Stone Massage




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