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    BTrackS™ CTSIB Upgrade Pack - Software and Foam Pad Only

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    BTrackS™ CTSIB Upgrade Pack - Software and Foam Pad Only

    This upgrade pack can be added to a standard version of BTrackS™ Assess Balance software without CTSIB. The upgrade pack includes the BTrackS™ Assess Balance software with CTSIB testing option and the BTrackS™ foam pad needed for perturbing proprioception during several CTSIB test trials.

    **BTrackS™ Balance Plate not included**

    The CTSIB is a testing protocol used by experienced balance practitioners to try and assess how the three main sensory feedback systems for balance (i.e. proprioception, vision, vestibular) are functioning relative to one another. This is done by comparing balance conditions where vision and proprioception are manipulated by having the person close their eyes or stand on compliant foam respectively. Includes foam pad necessary for performing sensory screening.

    **To purchase the Standard BTrackS™ Balance Plate with Assess Balance Software see item 849-0712.**




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