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    Buy 4 Chiroflow® Waterbase Pillows, 2 Gel Memory Foam, Get 1 Gel Memory Foam FREE + FREE Display Box

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    Buy 4 Chiroflow® Waterbase Pillows, 2 Gel Memory Foam Pillow, Get 1 Gel Memory Foam FREE + FREE Display Box

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    Chiroflow Professional Waterbase Pillow

    The Chiroflow Professional Premium Waterbase Pillow is the only pillow clinically show to reduce neck pain and improve the quality of sleep*. Through the Waterbase technology, it easily adjusts to patient's preferred comfort level of soft, medium or firm, while providing comfort it also provides the essential cervical support throughout the night. Achieve the necessary support by filling the gap in the neck where the user lacks support from a conventional pillow- this augments the chiropractic treatment. Only Chiroflow pillows are filled with the StaLoft© Dacron Hollofil© for superior comfort and longer lasting support. This is Chiroflow's highest quality thread count pillow and comes with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty as well as a 30 day no questions asked satisfaction guarantee.

    • 20" x 28"
    • Fits standard and queen size pillow cases
    • Secure waterbase responds to head movement as you sleep to maintain cervical support
    • Easily adjusts to patients'' preference of soft, medium, or firm.
    • Fits any patient
    • Only Chiroflow pillows feature StaLoft© Dacron fiberfill
    • New upgraded easy-care 300 thread count cover for longer lasting performance
    • Thermal insulator encases waterbase to prevent body heat loss
    • Uses ordinary tap water; does not require chemical additives
    • Easy to follow instructions included
    • Waterbase responds to head movement as you sleep to provide proper cervical support all night long
    • Only pillow clinically proven to reduce neck pain and improve quality of sleep*
    • Positive effects of the water-based pillow may be attributed to its ability to spontaneously conform to the position and shape of the head and neck as well as the constant application of heat permited by the water pouch's thermal reflector.
    *Studies at Logan College of Chiropractic and Johns Hopkins Hospital
    **See full study results under the "Additional Documents" page

    Chiroflow® Gel Foam Pillow - 26L" x 18W"

    This waterbase® pillow outperforms regular memory foam pillows because it is softer, cooler, and fully adjustable.  The extra soft top layer of the foam cushion is cool gel infused and then ventilated to allow air to circulate completely through the foam cushion and away for the head for extra comfort.  The bottom foam layer is firmer foam springs that provide proper support for a neutral spine position.  This pillow can be adjusted to customize the level of support and responds to head movement as you sleep to maintain support in any sleeping position.




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