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    Baps Board Ankle Strengthening Balance Board with Weights & Storage Tray

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    Baps Board - Complete with Weights And Storage Tray

    BAPS, the Biomechanical Ankle Platform System, is designed for lower limb conditioning and rehabilitation. It safely mimics multi-joint, multi-plane function. Anatomically correct motion assures enhanced functional outcomes.

    When the foot is placed on the platform as designated, and as the platform rotates around, BAPS recreates a proportionate and progressive degree of abduction or adduction of the foot and ankle, proportional amounts of dorsiflexion, plantar flexion, inversion and eversion along with axes of motion. The combination of all motions reproduced with the platform provides an exact amount of pronation and supination with the foot in ground contact.

    BAPS enables the development of conditioning or rehabilitation programs for individuals at any level of activity by allowing for control of non-weight-bearing, partial-, full- or overloaded-weight-bearing exercise to the ankle and lower extremities with the foot in ground contact for concurrent proprioceptive rehabilitation. The system provides calibrated resistance, assistance and platform loading for strengthening specific areas of the ankle and lower extremities. It offers progression of levels of mobility through a series of five calibrated hemispherical attachments providing controlled amounts of rotational force to the ankle and lower extremities.

    BAPS System with Storage Tray consists of a Pro BAPS board with balls, two (2) rods, four (4) weight plates and storage tray.




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