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Armaid Therapist Self Care Deep Tissue Massage Tool

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Armaid Therapist Self Care Tool

This tool will extend your career. The best massage you’ll ever give yourself.

The only tool that uses specific “active release” and "trigger point" therapy techniques.  You easily control the direction and pressure in real time using Armaids’ patented lever design. Armaid provides deep tissue massage to open up tight muscles, tendons and ligaments anywhere from your forearm and hand, allowing you to help yourself when and where you need it. Simply sit in a chair and strap Armaid to your thigh. It's equipped with snap-in therapy rollers (hard balls for the forearm, soft balls for the wrist and hand) and supportive padding.

Virtually unbreakable, weighs one pound, use anywhere; has 2 interchangeable attachments (3rd attachment - foam roller Item #230-0392 -  sold separately) -  for different maladies, an Instructional DVD and a 10-year warranty on the frame.  Made in Maine.  Designed by a Sports Massage Therapist.

Thousands of professionals like yourself world wide depend on Armaid daily to quickly release tight muscles and tendons of the forearm, wrist, hand and elbow that cause tendonitis and RSI. “We want you arm-and-hand healthy.”™

Praise for Armaid

"Best Therapy Tool." - Editor's Choice 2011 Climbing Magazine

"ArmAid is the single reason I'm a practicing massage therapist today.  It saved my career!"  Sarah Austin, LMT

How do I use Armaid®?

The Armaid® is a manual, stand-alone tool, requiring no additional equipment or power sources to work.

The following is an overview of the basic technique for the arms used with Arm-aid®.  For Arm aid® in particular, each roller has a specific massage technique associated with it.

To use Armaid® on your arms:

1.  Sit up straight and place the tool on your thigh, on the same side as the arm you want to massage. Position the tool so that the therapy roller (White, Black or Grey with Arm-aid®) is on the side of your arm that you want to massage (interior or exterior).

2.  Adjust the angle of the tool to about 45 degrees from your thigh, while keeping your shoulders and arms relaxed. 

3.  Adjust the position of the therapy arm to fit the size of your arm.

4.  With your free hand, hold the two arms together at the top, and then place your arm into the tool so that one side of your arm is touching the black permanent roller, and the other side is touching the therapy roller. Move your arm between the two arms of the tool until you find a sore spot.

5.  Squeeze the arms together to put pressure on your arm, and rotate your arm to perform the massaging therapy.


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Q: Does it really work? I have tendonitis for 2yrs.
Created on Tuesday, December 31, 2013 by lk
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