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    Apollo Portable Laser System Control Unit

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    Apollo Portable Laser

    One of the most powerful Cold Laser System you can buy

    Move easily from room to room or out in the field with the Apollo Portable Laser Unit. Designed for use by chiropractors, physical therapists, physicians, dentists and veterinarians, our portable unit weighs only 2.3 pounds but delivers powerful results: With a single overnight charge, you can perform up to 60 to 70 treatments. This portable unit also features a user-friendly LCD display with probe status and treatment times (ranging from 10 seconds to 2 minutes), built-in safety and fault detection software and a built-in power test to assess probe output.

    Cold laser therapy is a modality that has continued to grow in use over the past decade. Low-level laser technology safely penetrates 1 to 2 inches into the skin to effectively stimulate regeneration of damaged cells and tissues, which brings about more rapid healing and reduces pain. Patients typically receive a series of treatments for conditions, including back and neck pain; sprains and strains; muscular pain; bursitis, tennis elbow, tendonitis and plantar fasciitis; headaches and facial pain; joint problems; inflammation; and post-surgical pain relief.



    Apollo Portable Laser Features:

    • Weighting only 2.3 pounds, the Apollo laser is the lightest, most powerful, portable laser you can buy.
    • Custom Carrying Case allows for easy travel from office to office and out in the field
    • Perfect for multi-office use and practitioners that require the flexibility of a portable system
    • Externally and battery powered with NiMH Rechargeable Cells
    • Battery Life: Based on probe use
    • Battery charge ircuitry: Fast charge 3 hours; Trickle charge overnight; Charge and test battery mode

    All Apollo Laser Systems Feature:

    • LCD display that provides probe status and treatment times
    • User controlled treatment times selectable between 10 seconds and 2 minutes
    • Built in safety and fault detection software
    • Built in power test for assessing probe output
    • Durable aerospace quality aluminum assembly
    • ISO 13485 quality assured manufacturing

    Portable Apollo Laser Systems Include:

    • APOLLO Control Unit- Portable
    • Optional choice of laser probes: 3000mW and (1) Free 500m W Point Probe
    • AC Adapter
    • Probe Cable
    • Safety Goggles (2)
    • Carrying Case
    • Manual
    • Book: Light & Laser Therapy: Clinical Procedures
    • Laser tutorial DVD
    • Patient Education Brochures

    Standard Warranty:

    • 2 year parts. 1 year parts and labor. Customer responsible for shipping
    • Out of Box Warranty on all accessories (cables, batteries, etc.).
    • Loaner system available

    Flexible Annual Maintenance Program:

    • Extends existing warranty by 1 year each year you do it (up to 5 years  max)
    • Loaner system available during warranty repairs

    Improved Patient Outcomes: The Apollo laser efficiently harnesses advanced Class 4 laser technology. Using Apollo's perfect marriage of power and wavelength, you are assured of fast, safe, comfortable treatments, exceptional clinical results and an impressive bottom line.  And unlike hot class 4 lasers, the Apollo is cool, safe, and effective.





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