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    Analagraph® Recorder For Nervo-Scope® ETS-9A

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    Electronic Development Labs, Inc. Analagraph® Recorder For Nervo-Scope® ETS-9A

    (Photo shown is with ETS-9A sold separately)

    Analagraph® Recorder

    This product when used in conjunction with the Nervo-Scope® ETS-9A (See 740 5021), provides a permanent record to log and chart the amount of existing heat differences indicated from your Nervo-Scope® readings. The Analagraph® Recorder is a valuable and efficient tool in documenting patient assessments and providing a pattern reference for pre/post check of patients. This information indicates any change of reading, thus establishing a pattern which may assist in determining the frequency of adjustments. Easy to use and operate, the Analagraph® Recorder has been trusted for over 50 years in the Chiropractic community.


    Power Input: 120Vac @ 60Hz, 1A
    Overload Protection: 3 AG, 250V slo-blow glass body fuse (rear panel)
    Ambient Operating Range: 32° to 140° F
    Relative Humidity (Max): 10% to 90% non-condensing
    Recorder Resolution: 0.02° F
    Power Consumption: Recorder - 5 watts @ 0.3 amps on recording mode. 1/2 watt on standby
    Printing Method : Direct thermal
    Print Resolution: 200 x 800 DPI
    Graph Speed Rate: Low: 6 inches per minute (2.5 mm sec.) High: 9 inches per minute ( 3.75 mm sec.)
    Graph Paper Type: Thermal activation
    Graph Paper Size: 2 inch wide roll x 100 feet long
    Graph Paper Thickness: 0.0025"
    Graph Grid Size: 0.195" squares x 8 horizontally x continuous vertically
    Switching Power: On/Off rocker switch on rear panel
    Graph On/Off : Starts/Stops thermal graphing
    Time Marker: Automatic horizontal dashed lines every 3 vertical grid squares
    Manual Marker: Allows manual placement of horizontal dashed lines at any vertical interval
    High/Low Speed: Sets graph paper speed rate
    Audible Sound: Beep occurs for "graph on", "time marker"& "manual marker" intervals
    Green Light Indicator: For "graph on" (active)
    Red Light Indicator: For "graph off" (standby)
    ETS-7/ETS-8 Input Socket: Accepts coil cord, linking Nervo-Scope to Analagraph
    Coil Cord: 6 ft. (expandable to 12 ft.) 6 wire pickup
    Case: High impact black ABS with handle - powder coated front/rear panels
    Size: 8.5" width x 6.4" height x 9.2" deep - not including handle
    Weight: 5 lbs.




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