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      Biofreeze Therapy

      It is clear your patients benefit by completing a full course of therapy. There is an easy way to accomplish that, and it is one you may not have thought of. Read on to learn more!

      Increased patient persistence

      Timothy Tyler, PT, MS, ATC did not believe in selling products. He had Biofreeze® products in his practice, but he rarely talked about them.

      Tyler observed that some of his patients self-discharged due to pain. Tyler examined the rate of self-discharge and found the average self-discharge rate for the past three-year period was 6.5%.

      As an experiment, he began applying Biofreeze Pain Relieving Spray on patient’s area of chief complaint at the end of their initial and each subsequent visit. The patients also performed therapeutic exercises, and received both appropriate manual therapy and appropriate modalities. For their home care, they received Biofreeze Spray with the instructions to use it three times a day at regularly spaced intervals and not to use it in conjunction with any other form of cryotherapy or heat therapy.


      What happened?

      The rate of self-discharges during the Biofreeze-application program period dropped to 1.6% (from 6.5%)—a 75% reduction!

      Practice Benefit

      Applying the reduction in self discharges illustrated in Tyler’s pilot study to an average physical therapy clinic yields an annual revenue increase of over $28,000 and an increase in profit of more than $8,900.

      And, while he was giving Biofreeze away to almost all his patients, his sales of Biofreeze increased 22%. The product literally sold itself. But most importantly, Tyler noted, "It is very gratifying to see patients return for more of my care. Obviously, when patients stay on track with their rehab program, we can help keep them recover quicker and maintain a pain-free and healthy lifestyle."


      Risk Free Offer

      You can now test the impact of selling new, improved Biofreeze in either green or colorless versions to your patients with absolutely no risk.

      Risk Free

      • 90-day Risk FREE trial: agree to sell Biofreeze and order a starter kit
      • After 90 days either pay invoice in full OR return any unsold product and pay only for what was already sold. Return shipping is even free!
      • Cover the cost of the invoice after selling only 6 products (at MSRP)
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