Biofreeze is a Better Alternative than Ice

There is a better alternative to ice!

Clinical research demonstrates the superiority of Biofreeze® to ice:

You know the hassles of ice: lack of mobility during treatment, wetness, and occasional dermal complications. With the growing proof that Biofreeze is superior to ice, why not recommend and sell Biofreeze? It is likely to lead to greater patient compliance, especially in usage occasions in the home.

Click below to watch a short video that clarifies the mechanism of action of Biofreeze Pain Reliever:

As you can see, there are many good reasons Biofreeze is the number one clinically recommended pain reliever. No other topical analgesic has this much clinical research and support. Use it in your clinic and sell it to your patients with confidence.

P.S. Call today for your risk free trial to begin selling Biofreeze in your practice. Based on the experience of tens of thousands of healthcare practitioners and their patients, you’ll be glad you did!

Risk Free

  • 90-day Risk FREE trial: agree to sell Biofreeze and order a starter kit
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  • Cover the cost of the invoice after selling only 6 products (at MSRP)
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